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Seremban Public Toilet Installs Utilities Before Minister’s Visit, Removes It Once Minister Leaves  

For VIP only.

In a surprising twist of events, the public restroom at the second phase of the Bahau Hawker Center, which had been operating smoothly for over two years, has become a focal point of complaints.

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Electricity & utilities uninstalled after minister left

During Minister of Local Government Development Nga Kor Ming’s visit to Bahau, an astonishing development took place as the Seremban public toilet was unexpectedly equipped with electricity and an array of facilities including a hand dryer, soap and even hand sanitizer.

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Besides, the power supply and all the equipment were swiftly removed immediately after the minister’s departure.

Netizen shares their displeasure

Yesterday, a netizen from Bahau took to Facebook to express their astonishment.

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According to the post, they stated when Deputy Minister Nga Kor Ming visited Bahau, the public restroom at the second phase of the Bahau Hawker Center was temporarily adorned with all the necessary amenities.

Bahau citizen express disagreement
Screengrab via Facebook

However, once Nga Kor Ming’s program concluded, all the equipment, including hand dryers and hand sanitizers, was dismantled, and the water and electricity supply were disconnected, leaving people unable to comprehend the situation.

“While there had been no water and electricity supply before, these facilities were installed a few days ago with the help of officials.”

“Unfortunately, after Nga’s program concluded, all the equipment was removed, including the water pipes from the toilet tank, reverting everything back to its original state”.

Seremban public toilet after minister left2
Electricity was cut off after Nga’s visit.

Bahau City Councillors respond

The restroom in question is located in the second phase of the Bahau Hawker Center, and it is primarily used by vendors and the general public. The fee for usage is RM0.30.

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Seremban public toilet after minister left1
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

As a result, council officials were instructed to install hand dryers and hand sanitizers. Therefore, it is considered normal to remove these additional facilities after the event and revert to standard restroom equipment.

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Regarding the water and electricity supply, Cheng Weiteng clarified that the restroom always had a water supply. However, one of the toilets had a leaky water pipe, which was the reason it was temporarily disconnected. The issue has since been rectified, and the water supply has been restored.

The counselor further explained there was no electrical connection because the restroom experiences low usage in the evenings. After extensive discussions, it was decided not to apply for an electricity meter and connect to the power grid.

In response to the recent complaint, the Bahau City Council has instructed the Hawkers’ Association responsible for managing the restroom to apply for an electricity meter and connect to the power grid.

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He also emphasized that they are open to criticism from any party and will ensure that all public facilities are in optimal condition.

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