Kelantan Folks Take To Social Media To Express Anger Over Contaminated Water Supply

They now have to rely on water vending machines.

The water crisis in Kelantan is getting worse day by day to the extent where residents are forced to drink and use blackish or brownish water everyday.

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Worse still, their pleas for the state government to intervene has fallen on deaf ears thus far.

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‘Check out this latte coffee’

In a tweet posted by Hafiz D., he expressed his frustration over the never-ending problem of contaminated water supply in Kelantan.

He also sarcastically told netizens to come to the state if they wanted to drink branded coffee.

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Free flow and extra slime. I don’t get water from the government so I need to dig to get it underground.

He also shared a photo of his foot, where it had patches of discoloured skin due to him drinking contaminated water.

As an alternative, Hafiz said he now relies on a water vending machine but was told that its supply could only last for a day.

Read the tweet here:

Kelantan folks share similar incidents

The tweet garnered over 7k likes at the time of writing, which saw many living in the state sharing their water woes.

“If I go back to my hometown in Kelantan, I will buy mineral water beforehand. (I) can’t even swallow the well water as it tastes a little brackish. My hair also feels hard after showering.”

Kelantan folks boiled with rage for the contaminated water supply, causing skin diseases
Screenshot via Twitter/@artfishstudio

“Last week, I directly used the water to brush my teeth and could taste the triple shot of macchiato caramel cappuccino.”

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Kelantan folks boiled with rage for the contaminated water supply, causing skin diseases
Screenshot via Twitter/artfishstudio

And it seems that the crisis isn’t a one time thing. Residents have claimed that it has been ongoing for decades but local authorities don’t seem to care.

To further compound their existing woes, the state government even confiscated several water vending machines as they were deemed to be unlicensed.

We hope the local government takes this issue seriously and address it soon!

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