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This 20-year-old hidden eatery in Pudu serves best wanton mee, curry mee and char siu for less than RM10

Their char siu will make you go "ooh la la!"

Curry mee is undoubtedly a common dish at almost every hawker centre in Malaysia, but it’s not everyday that you’re able to find one that offers the perfect version — a creamy, slightly spicy, and thick broth paired with delicious toppings as it requires time, dedication and experience to make this gastronomical wonder.

Auntie preparing meals at 168 wantan mee
Photo by weirdkaya

To my delight, I found one such eatery named Restoran 168 Wantan Mee & Curry Mee while taking a stroll at Pudu. Upon seeing the long queue leading to the main entrance, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and try out the curry mee.

168 wantan mee pudu (outside) 1
Photo by weirdkaya
Signage of 168 wantan mee
Photo by weirdkaya

According to the restaurant owner, Restoran 168 Wantan Mee & Curry Mee has been going strong for 20 years and everything is prepared singlehandedly by her.

Full set of meals at 168 wantan mee pudu
A full spread at restaurant 168 pudu. Photo by weirdkaya

Signature Curry Mee

Touted as the most-ordered dish, the Signature Curry Mee (RM8.50) is a must-try and you can opt for an additional serving of char siu or fried dumplings. You can also choose between bee hoon, yellow noodles or hor fun as your noodle base.

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Inside of 168 wantan mee pudu
Restaurant 168 pudu. Photo:weirdkaya

I ordered the Signature Curry Mee with yellow noodles and bee hoon with extra char siu. When the dish arrived, I couldn’t help but to salivate over it as I gazed into the broth’s smooth, bright red surface.

Curry mee at 168 wantan mee pudu
Photo by WeirdKaya

The curry mee also came with a generous amount of tofu puffs (taupok), siham (cockles), pig skin, long beans, beansprouts and Thai basil leaves.

As for the broth, I found it to be at the right taste and thickness as it hardly left a greasy aftertaste.

I also liked the strong coconut and basil scent as it made the dish all the more flavourful without drowning out its aroma.

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For the siham, I found it to be rather fresh and was rather thankful that it didn’t have a strong fishy smell that’s usually associated with seafood.

If you want to give your meal an extra kick, do add a spoonful of their homemade sambal into your curry mee. Non-spicy peeps, you’ve been warned!

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Sambal sauce
Sambal sauce served at Restaurant 168. Photo: WeirdKaya

Best char siu ever

To my surprise, the Signature Wantan Mee had a rather watery look to it, which was unlike most wantan mee I’ve come across. However, my doubts were slightly allayed after seeing thick slices of char siu sitting on top of the noodles.

Wantan mee at 168 wantan mee pudu
Photo by WeirdKaya

The homemade char siu proved to be star of the show as it was absolutely heavenly — from the texture, the slightly torched skin, and the perfect ratio of lean and fatty meat.

Char siu at 168 wantan mee pudu 1
Look. At. The. Char. Siu! Photo by weirdkaya
Char siu at 168 wantan mee pudu
Photo by weirdkaya

As for the sauce, it suited my tastebuds rather well as it wasn’t too salty or too sweet for me. However, the noodles was a bit disappointing as it wasn’t cooked well enough to be broken at the slightest bite.

Char siu at 168 wantan mee pudu
Photo by weirdkaya

All things fried and crunchy

For fans of wantan mee, they’d tell you that having a few pieces of fried dumplings is a must, which was exactly what I did.

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Yong tow foo at 168 wantan mee pudu
Photo by weirdkaya

Upon taking my first bite of the fried dumpling, my tongue was immediately filled with the taste of fresh prawns — a necessity for seafood-based dishes as the last thing you’d want is to ingest soggy, rancid prawn meat.

Fresh prawn dumplings(fried)
Fried dumplings. Photo by weirdkaya

As for me, I’d slightly favor the soup dumplings as it’s infused with more flavour after being boiled in the broth for hours.

Fresh prawn dumplings (soup)
Soup-based dumplings.

No parking as usual

As it is with most eateries in KL, getting a parking spot is never easy, especially during the weekends, and it’s no different for Restoran 168 Wantan Mee & Curry Mee. It took me almost 20 minutes to find a parking spot which was located 500 metres away.

The restaurant is also located by the roadside, where cars zoom by every minute, making it an uncomfortable dining experience for some.

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168 wantan mee pudu (outside) 3
Photo by weirdkaya

A major complaint of the place on Google Reviews was the lack of hygiene but I found it to be rather acceptable during my visit.

Asian pear drink at 168 wantan mee pudu kl
Photo by weirdkaya

However, if you’re one who’s very particular about cleanliness, it’d be best to tapau your meal and enjoy it at home.

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Final verdict

I’d give Restoran 168 Wantan Mee & Curry Mee a solid 4/5 rating for the entire dining experience with the following pros and cons:


  • Homemade Char Siu a must to order
  • Flavourful curry mee broth
  • Sambal sauce is a plus point
  • Fresh dumplings are legit


  • Hard to find parking
  • Not up-to-par environment & hygiene
  • Can be quite stuffy, especially around 1pm
  • Wantan noodles not as springy as it looks

Location: Restoran 168 Wantan Mee & Curry Mee
2-2, Jalan Brunei Utara, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

This is an independent review by WeirdKaya.

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