Residents left dejected after discovering rocks alleged to contain gold were…rocks

They went looking for gold, but found rocks instead.

RANTAU PANJANG – They thought they had struck gold, but instead were left with gritty pieces of ordinary rocks.

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On Saturday (Nov 13), Kampung Bukit Lata was buzzing with anticipation after rumours of rocks containing gold spread like wildfire among residents.

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According to Kosmo!, a resident who wanted to be known as Mat, said the rocks were found by residents at a flood mitigation construction project carried out by the government.

“I myself rushed to the location and saw that the stones had yellow patches on the surface,” he said.

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Residents left dejected after discovering rocks alleged to contain gold were... Rocks | weirdkaya
Photo via Kosmo!

He added that it was highly likely for Bukit Lata to have such stones as it was rich in natural mineral resources.

However, the residents were left disappointed after several goldsmiths in the area confirmed that the rocks did not contain gold at all.

 Azlan Omar, 35, told Berita Harian that residents were forced to accept the fact that they had not, in fact, struck it rich.

“I myself also threw away a few of these rocks after it was found that it didn’t contain any gold. But, I’m not ashamed or regretful as this is something we don’t get to experience everyday,” he said.

Cover image via Wpc Crew and Kosmo!

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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