Stressing out over SPM? Here are 8 funny #SPM2021 memes to cheer you up!

Too relatable.

Unless you don’t have a Twitter account, you’re probably aware that today’s the first day of the dreaded SPM. *le gasp*

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Despite the nerve-wracking emotions that often haunt SPM candidates, many have also turned to memes to express their thoughts and feelings on Twitter after surviving Day 1

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Here’s a list of the top 8 #SPM2021 memes that are super relatable for all current and ex-SPM candidates (including the dinosaurs here at WeirdKaya)!

1. Cram all the bombastic words…

2. …before vomiting it all out for karangan

3. Body says ‘Yes’ but heart says ‘Nope’


4. Nice handwriting you got there…


5. WTF is rencana?!


6. Pink is NOT the new black


7. Getting stressed over not being stressed


8. When is it my turn to be free? T.T

To all SPM2021 candidates, we wish you all the best for the upcoming papers! Go get ’em!

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Cover images via The Sentral

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