RapidKL apologises after video showing shoddy cleaning procedures surfaces online

Think twice before you touch public objects.

A clip showing two cleaners performing their duties in a hasty manner on a RapidKL train has disgusted netizens yesterday (Sept 30).

The 7-second footage showed two female workers ‘speed cleaning’ the seats by only wiping certain areas but not the entire surface thoroughly.

‘Tell me this is fake!’

The cleaners’ actions were captured by a netizen, who called them out on Twitter over their halfhearted work.

Please tell me this is fake! If it is true, the operators needs to terminate this contractor immediately!

RapidKL responds

Shortly after the video went viral, RapidKL issued an apology over the incident on its official Facebook page.

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The statement also came with a video showing cleaners performing their duties properly.

It also assured the public that they will implement strict compliance of COVID-19 measures to ensure all trains and buses are safe and comfortable.

Such display of non-compliance to RapidKL’s prescribed Covid-19 prevention measures is alarming.

We have taken swift action to reprimand the vendor and discuss remedial and preventive actions to ensure this does not recur.

RapidKL further clarified that the incident had occurred at the Ampang LRT station, which is the last station for the LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling Line.

“This is an additional measure whenever our trains reach the last station for the day,” the statement said.

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Always remember to sanitise your hands regularly and double-mask when you’re in public places!

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