Prasarana staff filmed assaulting foreign worker who allegedly stole instant noodles

Violence is never the answer.

KUALA LUMPUR – A video showing a man beating a man believed to be a foreign worker at a convenience store while clad in his Prasarana uniform has recently gone viral online.

In the video, the Prasarana staff is seen scolding the foreigner while pointing his finger aggressively towards him.

Prasarana staff slaps foreigner for stealing instant noodle 03
Screengrab via Twitter

He also called the foreigner “bodoh” (stupid) before landing a slap across his face.

Prasarana staff slaps foreigner for stealing instant noodle 02
Screengrab via Twitter

An auxiliary police officer later appeared in the clip and repeatedly demanded the foreigner to pay for the instant noodle cups he had taken without paying.

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Prasarana staff slaps foreigner for stealing instant noodle 01
Screengrab via Twitter

As the foreigner tried to explain himself, the auxiliary police officer kept cutting him off and told him to talk less and pay up.

Investigation ongoing

In response to the incident, Prasarana has issued a statement saying that an internal investigation ins currently ongoing.

“(Prasarana) takes seriously the allegation that the perpetrator is a Prasarana personnel based on the uniform worn in the video.

It is believed the incident occurred when the victim was arrested and accused of taking food without paying at the convenience store.

The public transportation company also urged the public who witnessed the incident or have additional information to call 03-7885 2585 or email to [email protected]

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Prasarana also stressed that the alleged staff’s behaviour was not in line with its code of ethics.

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In any situation, if further assistance is needed, it should be extended to the authorities.

It also apologised for the incident and reassured that appropriate actions will be taken.

“We guarantee that measures will be taken to ensure that such things will not happen again in the future.”

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Cover Images via TikTok

Editor: Sarah Yeoh