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Penang Woman Makes Matching Raya Outfits For Her 61 Cats And It’s Guaranteed To Make You Melt 


A woman from Penang named Raziellia Nor Saafri has recently gained attention on the Internet for dressing her 61 cats in matching outfits to celebrate Hari Raya.

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Matching Raya outfits for her cats

In a TikTok video, 32-year-old Raziellia Nor Saafri can be seen wearing a purple baju kurung, a traditional Malay attire, as she approaches her pet enclosure.

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As she opens the enclosure, all of her cats excitedly run out wearing similar purple baju raya.

Penang woman makes matching raya outfits for her 61 cats and it's guaranteed to make you melt 9
Screengrab via TikTok/Cats.Territory

Cats mostly rescued from the streets

Raziellia also shared with Harian Metro that all of the cat outfits were sewn by her mother, who took several days to complete them using 17 meters of cloth. Each meter costs around RM2.

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Penang woman makes matching raya outfits for her 61 cats and it's guaranteed to make you melt 4
Photo via TikTok/cats.territory

According to the interview, she rescued most of her cats from the streets, and she also has several Domestic Shorthair and Persian cats.

“Most of the cats I rescued are from the streets. They are like my family and will not be forgotten this Aidilfitri. This is why they have their own baju raya,” she said.

It took her 30 minutes in total to get every cat dressed and ready in their outfits.

She also explained that she started dressing them at 10 am and didn’t let them wear the outfits for too long due to the hot weather.

Penang woman makes matching raya outfits for her 61 cats and it's guaranteed to make you melt7
Photo via TikTok/cats.territory

Having always wanted to dress them in Raya clothes, her dream finally came true this year.

She also said that this is the first year the cats have baju raya as last year they could not make it in time.

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OP speaks to WeirdKaya

In response to WeirdKaya’s queries, Raziellia emphasized the importance of time management.

Despite working a full-time job from 7 am to 4:30 pm, she maintains a strict schedule for managing her cats, including cleaning their living spaces.

“If I’m very tired after work, I’ll take 1-2 hours to rest before starting my duties to care for my cats,” she explained.

Each month, she needs 100kg of kibbles and 60kg of wood pallets for cat litter.

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As for the cost of caring for her feline family, Raziellia revealed that she spends around RM1,000-2,000 per month on food and cat litter alone.

“Costs increase when my cats require flea medication, deworming treatments, vaccinations, or when they have health emergencies,” she told WeirdKaya.

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