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M’sian Couple Spends RM90,000 On Barbie-Themed Raya Outfits

Their Raya theme last year was Hello Kitty.
In an unparalleled celebration of style and festivity, TikTok influencer and entrepreneur Syed Muhammad Syah Hasif Syed Othman, affectionately known to his followers as Prince Syed, has taken the Hari Raya wardrobe to extraordinary heights.

Barbie theme for Raya this year

For this year’s Syawal, he lavished RM90,000 on 120 pieces of clothing for his family, dedicating a significant portion of this budget to create distinctive Barbie-themed outfits for the inaugural day of the celebrations.

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The malaysian couple who spent rm90k on raya outfits 6
Photo via IG/Prince Syed

Prince Syed’s flair for the unique is not new; he has consistently chosen themes that diverge from the norm.

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“This year, the popular choice seems to be orange, but my wife and I aimed for something distinctive.”

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The malaysian couple who spent rm90k on raya outfits 5
Photo via IG/Prince Syed

‘Barbie is an icon that resonates with both young and old alike’

“Both of us have a soft spot for adorable characters. It was a mutual choice, really, enriched by my wife’s vision for our attire and the playful, feathery details we introduced,” Prince Syed recounted during his conversation with the Malay daily.

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Crafting these outfits proved to be a creative challenge, especially in sourcing materials that matched their vision.

The malaysian couple who spent rm90k on raya outfits 4
Photo via IG/Prince Syed

“Securing the right fabric was a hurdle, given the rarity of Barbie-themed materials in stores or online.”

Ingeniously, he turned to bedsheets and blankets as the canvas for their festive wear, enhancing them with lace accents for a touch of elegance.

Prince Syed’s dedication to his festive attire transcends mere fashion, viewing it as an investment in expressing individuality within the festive season’s spirit.

Choosing a theme you love isn’t a mistake; it’s about expressing yourself within respectable limits to ensure your ensemble complements the occasion,” he added.

He also highlighted the universal charm of Barbie, stating it as “an icon that resonates with both young and old alike.”

In addition to his fashion endeavors, Prince Syed also revealed his foray into music with a Hari Raya song titled “Tiberr Raya.”

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Despite not considering himself a singer, he sees value in exploring his talents, stating, “I’m no singer, but I figure there’s no harm in developing my talents when given the opportunity, and this Raya song is more about enhancing the celebration of Aidilfitri.”

@syed.fatin.jaeden.haifa Pakaian Raya yang semua orang nantikan dari kami , BARBIE adalah tema raya kami untuk 2024 ni , Alhamdulillah Simple jer baju kami anak beranak kalini , dan istimewa untuk semua followers kami , ini adalah hadiah buat semua iaitu lagu raya Single Pertama lagu raya dari kami berjudul “ TIBERR RAYA “ untuk semua raya ni , harap semua suka dan terhibur , tahun ni kami beraya di Gerik … ini lah suasana kami apabila raya , bersama keluarga dan kawan2 baik kami , bila raya semua dapat berkumpul memang satu kenikmatan yang sukar nak digambarkan , dan paling best dan meriahhh raya di kampung … Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri , mohon maaf jika sekiranya apa2 konten dari kami yang masing2 ada terasa atau berkecil hati , kami minta maaf ya … kita semua bukan insan yang sempurna dan sentiasa perbaiki kesilapan pada diri ini 🥰 terima kasih semua yang banyak support kami tau 🥰 @Fatinsyedjaedenhaifa1923 @Queen Syarifah Syah @Nazrul Hazric @Wanie Sidik✅ @Thalia_Rasul @Shahmi_Salimie ♬ original sound – Prince Syed Fatin Jaeden Haifa

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