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Penang Petrol Station Gives Out Free Nasi Lemak & Coffee, Wins Praises Online

Small gestures go a long way.

In today’s challenging economic climate, many Malaysians are finding it increasingly difficult to cover basic living expenses and afford essential items such as food. Despite these challenges, acts of kindness and generosity among Malaysians continue to emerge.

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Petron petrol station gives out free Nasi Lemak & Coffee

Recently, a Twitter user, @piqalee, shared her heartwarming experience at a Petron petrol station in Penang that offers complimentary nasi lemak and coffee to customers.

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Penang petrol station gives out free nasi lemak & coffee, wins praises online | weirdkaya

This generous gesture, aimed at easing the burden of locals, has garnered much attention and support.

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“Not that important but there’s one Petron near my office that provides free nasi lemak and coffee every morning. After I noticed this, I have never fueled up my car at other stations. Nice gesture makes me wanna support!”

Win praises online

This tweet quickly gained traction, with netizens applauding Petron for their remarkable initiative.

Several users shared similar experiences of receiving free items at other Petron stations, highlighting that this act of kindness is not an isolated incident.

“I got free mandarin ranges and air bandung at Petron Station located at TTDI.”

Petron free nasi lemak comment 03

“Perfect for those who cannot afford food.”

Petron free nasi lemak comment 012

“I just felt like I wanna try it, or exchange with any other food supplies just to try that nasi lemak 😆.”

Petron free nasi lemak comment 01

Petron responds to the tweet

Upon noticing the viral post, Petron’s official Twitter account responded to provide further context.

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They explained that the complimentary offerings are part of their Wonderful Wednesday program, a nationwide initiative available at all Petron stations across Malaysia.

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