Namewee sells his songs and pictures as NFTs to ‘fight against the world’, earns over RM3mil in cryptocurrency

He made over RM3m worth of cryptocurrency overnight.

Controversial singer and YouTuber Wee Meng Chee, popularly known as Namewee, announced yesterday (Nov 7) that he will be selling his songs as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) at the cryptocurrency marketplace.

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Namewee sharing his thought on nft
Screengrab from Youtube/Namewee.

To date, he has sold his first batch of NFT artwork and raked in RM3mil worth of Ethereum, a type of cryptocurrency.

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‘Fight against the world’

In a YouTube video, Namewee shared his decision to fight against banks and agencies worldwide using blockchain technology.

Namewee sharing his thought on nft (1)
Screengrab from Youtube/Namewee.

In fact, when we trade in the market, be it an online or physical market, it has to go through centralised management or intermediaries.

So when you make money, you have to share a part of it with someone else.

He then quoted banks and online shopping platforms as examples to prove his point.

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“Even if you do nothing and put your money in [the] bank, they will charge you a commission.”

Namewee4896 openseas account
Namewee’s Opensea account.

Namewee added that all platforms are monitored by individuals and companies who have ‘complete control over the content and financial aspect’.

No middleman involved in cryptocurrencies

Namewee also shared how cryptocurrencies work and how artists and songwriters benefit from it.

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“The cryptocurrency system is something sensational and is used to make a stand against the government and benefit the society as a whole.”

“I think logically, it works.”

Made RM3mil worth of Ethereum

At the end of his 8-minute video, Namewee showcased his account on the cryptocurrency platform and posted over 20 pictures of him flipping the bird, presumably a form of protest against intermediaries and online platforms.

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Some nft works posted by namewee on openseas
Screengrab from Namewee’s Opensea account.

He has also written a song titled “Go NFT“‘ to show his support for blockchain technology.

For now, I don’t think it will bring me a great fortune. I hope that by doing this, we can attract like-minded people to make a stand against world institutions.

However, shortly after the video was posted online, Namewee received tremendous support and sold every NFT project on his platform and made over RM3m worth of Ethereum.

He also announced that he would upload another 20 NFTs about his previous song soon.

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Cover Images via Youtube/Namewee and OpenSea

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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