Perlis folks flex their dine-in photos online following the state’s transition to Phase 3

Dengki ke? ;)

PERLIS – Three Malaysian states, namely Sarawak, Labuan, and Perlis have officially moved into Phase Three of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) yesterday (August 4), with dine-ins finally given the green light.

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Netizens from Perlis wasted little time in flexing photos of them tucking into a delicious meal at the mamak on social media.

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As for Malaysians from remaining states, all they could do was to look on with envy and pine for the long-awaited day to finally come.

Perlis folks flex their dine-in photos online following the state's transition to phase 3 | weirdkaya
Screenshot: Twitter

Some even jokingly told Malaysians from the three states to stop showing off or get their profile blocked.

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Screenshot: Twitter

Let’s continue to stay safe and stay at home until we can hang out with our friends again!

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