“After 1000 Years”- M’sians Surprised With Fast Escalator Repairs At LRT Stations


Escalators at LRT or monorail stations have always been the main issue for all public transport users where most of it have been malfunctioned for not only days or weeks, but months.

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Read about one such instance here:

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Finally functioned for users

The Ministry of Transportation has revealed that escalators at monorail and LRT stations have malfunctioned and that they will change service provider by 2023.

However, on December 12, commuters revealed on social media that fast escalator repairs had been made at numerous train stations.

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They also showed some of the escalators that, much to their surprise, had already been fixed.

Some netizens joked that the fast escalator repairs were done because of an employee who was scared for their job security after Anthony Loke was appointed as the Transport Minister.

@zimilx posted on TikTok to show that the escalator in KLCC station that have been malfunctioned for a while can now be used by Malaysians.

Sarcastically captioned “After 1000 years“, @zimilx also felt relieved for the improvement at the escalator in KLCC station.


After 1000 years, we can finally see some improvement at the KLCC subway station.

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Praised Anthony Loke for the quick actions

With the fast escalator repairs in several stations that have been made, Malaysians praised Anthony Loke and Ministry of Transportation for the quick actions taken by them.

Screenshot via Twitter/@WKhuzairey

One netizen wrote that due to the magic that made this happened, now all public transport users can happily use the facilities.

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Screenshot via Twitter/@WKhuzairey

Hopefully all escalators can be used by next year.


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