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M’sian students save money together and buy teacher Perodua car as a retirement gift

Must've been one amazing teacher!

Growing up, we all have had at least one teacher we remembered the most.

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“They may forget what you said but they will not forget how you made them feel”Carl Buechner.

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Teachers have been prominent figures in our younger days. They work tirelessly to educate and shape who we are today. For that, we are beyond grateful.

In return, we will give them gifts or even pay extra attention in class as a token of appreciation.

Gifted with a Perodua Aruz

A group of students from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (TKC) in Negeri Sembilan took it to a whole new level when they bought their teacher a brand new car with the money they saved.

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As if that’s not enough mind-blowing enough, the car they bought is a 7-seater Perodua Aruz.

M'sian students save money together and buy teacher perodua car as a retirement gift | weirdkaya

The recipient of this luxurious gift is Mr Ahmad Bidin.

This 58-year-old educator has taught Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at TKC for over 35 years, as reported by Redaksi.

Malaysian student gifted teacher a perodua car(1)

He explained that the retirement ceremony was traditionally held on school premises, but to accommodate a bigger crowd while adhering to SOPs, the school decided to relocate the event to a hotel.

Until now, I can’t figure out why my former students from 38 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) batches between 1980 to 2021 gave me this gift that is worth tens of thousands ringgit.”

“I am speechless, but I would like to thank everyone for appreciating my efforts in educating them,” he told Utusan when contacted.

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Malaysian student gifted teacher a perodua car(5)

‘I only act as a guide to students’

Ahmad admitted that he was in the dark about the gift. The teacher was genuinely surprised when the gift was presented to him after the ceremony was over.

Malaysian student gifted teacher a perodua car(2)

He also mentioned that he had never heard of such a retirement token before!

Whatever contribution I’ve provided to this school since 1986 were greatly supported by excellent principals, colleagues, and students.”

“As a teacher, I only act as a guide so that all my students can excel in academics and life,” he said.

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Cover Images via Redaksi

Editor: Grace Choong

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