Kind teacher who helped blind student cross a mini drain earns praise from netizens

Lend me your eyes so I can enjoy your world.

Teachers do more than teach; they are arguably the most important members of our society as they give children a sense of purpose and groom them into becoming upstanding members of society.

One teacher named Cikgu Zahida became a living example of this in a viral TikTok video where she assisted a blind student in crossing a small drain.

The girl was initially hesitant to cross the drain but thanks to Cikgu Zahida’s persistence and patience, she finally plucked up the courage and slowly and successfully walked over to the other side.

Teacher helping visually impaired student

Her bravery clearly delighted Cikgu Zahida, who clapped and praised her for being able to do it on her own.

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Warms the heart of netizens

The video, which was filmed by @waniehoney01 with Cikgu Zahida’s permission, has since gained 390.6k views and deeply touched the hearts of netizens who were full of praise for the teacher’s dedication.

Teacher praised for her kind act
Teacher praised for helping her student

In the comment section, one netizen questioned why there wasn’t a small walkway for the student, to which @waniehoney01 replied by saying that Cikgu Zahida wanted to teach her in walking around the school freely.

She also added that the student, whose name was Sofia, had recently lost her mother and is currently living with her father and brother.

The student named sofia had lost her mother

Several netizens also left words of encouragement for Sofia and wished her well.

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Cover via: TikTok

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