M’sian Man Finds Rotting Corpse With Hands & Feet Tied Inside Storeroom While Renovating The House

Based on the condition of the body, it is probable that the victim passed away a minimum of three days ago.

A startling discovery was made on Sunday(25 June) at a residential property currently being renovated in Taman Kota Kubang Labu, Bandar Baharu Pasir Pekan.

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Body of man in his 40s found

The body of a man believed to be in his 40s and unidentified as of yet, was found with hands and feet tied.

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M'sian man finds rotting corpse with hands & feet tied inside storeroom while renovating the house | weirdkaya
Source: China Press

The gruesome find was made by renovation workers around 3 pm.

The homeowner, a 34-year-old man, shared that the workers had detected a foul odor emanating from the first floor since Saturday(24 June), initially attributed to animal remains.

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“I summoned the courage to investigate upstairs. Upon opening the door, a brown stain caught my eye on the floor before I spotted a human foot. I was taken aback and immediately dialed the police,” he told China Press.

Had been under renovation since 2022

He further stated that his house had been under renovation since the previous year. The discovery of the body didn’t halt the renovation, but the homeowner is now contemplating whether he wishes to continue living in the house.

M'sian man finds rotting corpse with hands & feet tied inside storeroom while renovating the house 3
Source: China Press

“We’re unsure about residing in the house given my parents’ potential fear,” he added.

Assistant Commissioner Amran Dolah, the Tumpat district police chief, noted that considering the state of the corpse, the victim likely died at least three days prior.

“The deceased was transported to the Tumpat hospital for post-mortem examinations. We are currently investigating the case as a potential homicide under Section 302 of the Penal Code,” he explained.

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