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[VIDEO] Straight fire: M’sian content creator turns heads with epic CGI clip

Someone give this man a job already!
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KUALA LUMPUR – A young content creator is making waves online with his recreation of a scene from the popular mobile game Free Fire, garnering one million views and 23.4K retweets within 24 hours.

Viewers also got a firsthand look into what went behind the scenes in producing the viral clip.

@sofyank96 said that the entire video shoot took three days to complete while the editing took more than a month.

Although it was the most difficult project, but it gave the most fun this entire year too!

‘Low budget setup, box office quality’

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@sofyank96’s dedication and enthusiasm deeply impressed netizens, who praised him for putting in the effort to produce such a high-quality clip.

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Many also called upon the local film industry to step up their game and hire @sofyank96 and his crew members for future Malaysian movies.

In response to the overwhelming online support, @sofyank96 posted the full video on his YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. Take a look here!

Cover image via @sofyank96

Editor: Sarah Yeoh