‘No One Wanted To Give Me A Chance’ — Ms Puiyi Says Online Fame Prevented Further Success As Actress

We all have probably heard of Ms Puiyi before, where she’s best known for her role as a DJ, influencer, actress in the local horror film ‘Pulau’, and her racy photos.

Despite boasting of millions of followers on Instagram, her online fame has sadly not transformed into opportunities in landing acting roles, as she candidly revealed in an interview.

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‘I wasn’t given a chance by anyone’

Speaking to NST about the setback posed to her aspiration in becoming an actress, Ms Puiyi, whose real name is Siew Pui Yi, said many local production companies have shied away from offering her audition or acting roles due to the “sensationalised” nature of her online personality.

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As such, she was deeply grateful when she was approached by Fred Chong, the director of ‘Pulau’, to star in the film.

During the filming of ‘Pulau’, nobody knew that I desired a change. Before ‘Pulau’, no one was willing to give me an opportunity for an audition.

'no one wanted to give me a chance' — ms puiyi says online fame prevented further success as actress
Photo via IG/@pulaumovie

“Although my online fame has limited my opportunities to display my acting talent, I’m still determined to convince local production companies in including me into their projects,” she said.

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Admitting that she has faced a ton of challenges in the entertainment industry for the past six months, Ms Puiyi said she’s committed to promoting herself to producers likely to hire her and start from the very bottom if needed.

“If there are projects that require me to attend acting classes, I am willing to give my best commitment.”

Ms Puiyi is no stranger to controversy, where she was accused of disrespecting the sensitivities of other countries by exposing her inner wear at the British Museum and wearing the Vietnamese áo dài in a provocative manner.

However, she is also a philanthropist, where she launched a scholarship to help deserving but underprivileged students.

Read about it here:

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