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‘Malaysia Is Little China’ M’sians Unhappy With Chinese Blogger’s Claims That M’sia Is A Smaller Version Of China

What a bold claim.

Malaysian netizens have voiced their displeasure over a Chinese TikTok’s recent video, which referred to Malaysia as “Little China.”

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Malaysia little china 1
Source: TikTok/KiuHongAbroad

Malaysia labeled as “Little China”

The TikToker with the handle @KiuHungAbroad shared in a video in Chinese:

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“Today, I want to share with you an Asian country where Chinese characters are everywhere. Locals communicate in Chinese, so it is called ‘Little China.’

“Chinese culture is deeply rooted in Malaysia, as evident in architectural styles, lifestyle habits, language, and customs. If you travel to Malaysia, you will find many Chinese restaurants.”

Malaysia little china
Source: TikTok/KiuHongAbroad

In another controversial statement, the Chinese blogger went on to claim that Malaysian Chinese are wealthy and contribute the majority of tax revenue in the country.

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This remark has further fueled the ongoing debate and drawn even more criticism from Malaysian netizens, who argue that it destroys racial harmony in Malaysia.

Source: TikTok/KiuHongAbroad

The video was then shared on a Facebook group, sparking a widespread debate and criticism among Malaysians on social media.

Many also argued that the blogger’s statement is a gross misrepresentation of their diverse and multi-ethnic society.

One sarcastically wrote: “The world actually belongs to China.

Malaysia as little china remarks comment 02

“Can we call China as Big Malaysia?”

Malaysia as little china remarks comment 03

“You guys are little China and we are big Malaysia.”

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Malaysia as little china remarks comment 05

“This label is worse than vulgar words.”

Malaysia as little china remarks comment 06

On the flip side, some also think that it was an honour that Malaysia was being noticed by China.

“We Malaysians are also being noticed by China. This is a good thing. Often, Malaysia can work together with China.”

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Malaysia as little china remarks comment 04

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