“We Don’t Give A F***!” — MMA Fighters Kicked Off AirAsia Flight For Cursing At Cabin Crew & Passengers

The flight was delayed for close to 2 hours.
2 MMA fighters were kicked out of an AirAsia flight after they decided to throw a tantrum while onboard a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to Phuket, Thailand.

The chaotic scene was captured on film by TikToker @_aizatrahman, who was also on the same flight as the men on Wednesday (Jan 4).

Mma fighters argue with security
Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman

Upset over missing headphones

According to the video caption, one of the men became irate after he had misplaced his headphones.

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Unable to control their emotions, they both allegedly began to hit the cabin compartment, causing distress for the other passengers.

The situation reached a boiling point when the entire cabin clamored for the duo’s exit from the plane so that it could takeoff, causing the men to call them “F***ing mutts” and “c***s”, adding that they “don’t give a f***”.
Mma fighters argue with security
Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman

Kicked off flight

1.5 hours into the altercation, the cabin crew received orders to boot the duo out of the flight.

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An air steward was also seen calmly trying to urge the men to cooperate with the order, saying, “It is not our (cabin crew’s) decision, it is the flight captain’s decision.”

Airasia air steward
Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman

After a few moments of angry protesting, one of them dressed in a red t-shirt finally decided to comply and got up to leave.

However, he decided to hurl insults and threats to the entire cabin one last time, where he was heard saying “Make sure you rip that c***’s head” while pointing to someone offscreen.

Mma fighter threatens passengers
Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman

His companion followed suit not long after, causing the entire cabin to burst into applause and cheers.

Watch the videos here:

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Turned out to be MMA fighters

@_aizatrahman later wrote in the comment section that the men were allegedly martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts and were on their way to Phuket for a Muay Thai event.

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Given their background, the AirAsia staff had to handle the situation with much care.

Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman

Despite the nerve wrecking circumstances, netizens were quick to commend the AirAsia crew for their professionalism and calmness.

Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman
Screenshot via TikTok/@_aizatrahman
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