Kuching Man Scammed Of RM1.2M After He Was Offered A Job On Tinder

Expensive lesson.
Scams can take place via various methods or platforms, be it phone calls, text messages, or even dating apps.

A local event organiser in Kuching was left RM1.2 million poorer after he fell for a part-time job opportunity which was presented to him by a woman he met on Tinder.

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Kuching man scammed of rm1. 2m after he was offered a job offer on tinder
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Kuching man scammed of RM1.2M on Tinder

In a statement by Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri, he said the victim, a man in his 30s, became acquaintances with a woman named ‘Emma’ who allegedly hailed from Vietnam via Tinder.

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On May 14 of this year, Emma offered the victim a part-time job and claimed that he would be given a 1.1% commission if he were to accept it. She also claimed that he would receive extra commission if he managed to sell products on a website.

To further gain the victim’s trust, ‘Emma’ had conversations with the victim via WhatsApp and Telegram, including videocalls to discuss about the details of the part-time job, reported NST.

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Sarawak police commissioner datuk mohd azman ahmad sapri
Photo via The Borneo Post

Unaware that he was caught in a web of lies, the victim was provided a link to clickmart.site and an ID for application purposes. He then made a total of 27 transactions to seven different bank accounts between  May 15 and July 13, where he transferred a total of RM1.2 million.

It wasn’t until when the victim noticed that he was no longer given the promised commissions did he realised that he was scammed. As for his returns, the man only received RM200,000.

In light of this incident, the public is strongly advised not to answer any suspicious phone calls and to instead alert family members, friends, police, banks, or any relevant agency immediately.

They are also warned not to divulge their bank details to unknown individuals or register the suspects’ phone numbers for online banking purposes.


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