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Korean Man Eats M’sian Economy Rice For First Time, Takes A Small Portion For Each Dish

Buffet style.

A local economy rice eatery was surprised when a Korean tourist surnamed Kim made an unconventional request that captured their attention.

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Korean man tries economy rice for the first time

In a XHS post, Kim stepped into the popular ‘chap fan’ (mixed rice) shop located in the heart of Johor Bahru, with the intention of trying the local cuisine.

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Korean man eats m'sian economy rice for first time, takes a small portion for each dish 1
Screengrab via XHS/金小怡 Kimqyinkorea

However, instead of following the traditional custom of selecting a few dishes, he decided to take a small serving of each dish available – a first for the eatery and a request that left the owner dumbfounded.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Kim shared that the owner was taken aback and was hesitant to fulfil his request as she found it unorthodox.

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Korean man economy rice malaysia
Screengrab via XHS/金小怡 Kimqyinkorea

She shook her head and told me, ‘If you take the dishes like this, I can’t calculate it properly.”

Cost him only RM12

Knowing that his request was unusual to most, Kim said he explained to the restaurant owner why he made the request.

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Korean man gets scolded by economy rice boss
Screengrab via XHS/金小怡 Kimqyinkorea

“I told her that I was a foreigner and it was my first time ordering mixed rice. I also assured her that I made the request out of curiosity and a desire to taste everything,” he said, adding that he doesn’t usually order in this manner.

The dish he order
Screengrab via XHS/金小怡 Kimqyinkorea

Though still slightly doubtful about his explanation, the lady boss eventually gave in with a shrug and quipped, “Never mind. As long as you enjoy the food.”

When asked how much his meal cost, Kim said that it only cost him RM12 and praised the affordability of Malaysian food.

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