Korean DJ Monk New Jeans Nim Cancels Second Show In KL After Public Outcry

The club said that such move is to maintain social harmony and prioritize the well-being of the community.
Korean DJ Monk New Jeans Nim has canceled his second performance in Kuala Lumpur following intense public backlash and concerns from local Buddhist groups.

The artist, known for his unique stage persona, previously appeared in monk attire during a performance at a Kuala Lumpur nightclub, sparking criticism from the Buddhist community.

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Korean dj monk new jeans nim
Screenshot via TikTok/New Jeans Nim

Faces backlash from local Buddhist group

The Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple’s abbot, Ven. Jue Cheng expressed that such portrayals insult Buddhism and disregard Malaysia’s religious sensitivities.

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Korean dj monk new jeans nim 3
New Jeans Nim. Screenshot via TikTok/New Jeans Nim

In response to the growing controversy, the nightclub hosting the event also issued a statement acknowledging the public’s concerns.

They emphasized the value they place on their patrons’ feedback and support, while also highlighting their commitment to respect, inclusivity, and cultural awareness in organizing events.

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New jeans nim second show cancelled

Despite some patrons’ wishes for the show to go on, the club decided to cancel the performance to maintain social harmony and prioritize the well-being of the community.

After careful consideration and in the interest of social harmony, we have made a difficult decision to cancel the show. This decision was made with the well-being and interest of our patrons and communities in mind.

We are committed to provide exceptional entertainment experiences and ensure that future events at our premise will continue to uphold our values of respect, inclusivity, and cultural awareness.

This cancellation reflects a broader dialogue about the impact of cultural representations by international artists performing in diverse societies.

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Wee Ka Siong urges the government to take action

Datuk Seri Wei Ka Siong, president of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) also said that he has reached out to the Ministry of Home Affairs this morning (9 May), urging the authorities to prevent similar performances across the country.

The president stated, “I hope the Ministry of Home Affairs will thoroughly investigate whether this artist intends to perform similarly elsewhere in the country. If the Korean DJ continues to wear monk robes and use a wooden fish in his performances, then the government should apply the same principles to stop such acts.”

This development underscores ongoing concerns about respecting cultural and religious sensitivities in Malaysia’s diverse society. The situation continues to evolve as community leaders and authorities deliberate on the appropriate response to such contentious performances.

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