Kind M’sian Man Installs Street Lamps To Brighten Dark Road In His Neighborhood

Good deed.
A Malaysian man took matters into his own hands when he noticed the street outside his residential area was too dark.

The man shared on Facebook that he had decided to install street lamps at his own expense to ensure the safety of pedestrians at night.

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Man with the street lamp
Photo via FB/Sunny Coco

“The road is too dark at night, so I decided to pay for the installation of street lamps along the entire street. I hope this will help light the way for pedestrians,” he wrote.

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Photos uploaded by him show workers operating excavators and installing the lamps, all funded by him.

It is understood that each street lamp cost him RM2,000.

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Receives praises online

Later that evening, he posted another update on Facebook, announcing that the installation was complete.

The once dimly lit road is now bright and safe for pedestrians.

“The street lamps are up, and the job is done. Lighting the way for others also lights our own path. Even years later, when I’m gone, these street lamps will still be here, illuminating the way for others.”

His generous act has garnered attention and gratitude from netizens, who left comments such as “Good people will always be safe,” and “Thanks to you, the road is bright and safe!”

Netizens praise the man
Screenshot via FB/Sunny Coco

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