M’sian Man Rewards Workers Of 12 Years With New House, Car, & 2-Month Raya Bonus

A boss that we all need 🤩.
In a heartwarming display of generosity and appreciation, Malaysian businessman Sunny Seow recently made headlines once again by granting his two Malay employees two months of bonuses and a week-long Raya holiday.

This gesture, coupled with his earlier viral act of saving a Mak Cik Nasi Lemak’s stall from closure by paying her outstanding rent, has earned him widespread praise and admiration from Malaysians.

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Sunny snow helps malay auntie
Photo via Fb/Sunny Coco

Rewarded workers with house, car & 2-month raya bonus

Sunny seow with his malay employee
Photo via Fb/Sunny Seow

According to Seow’s Facebook post, having worked with the two Malay brothers for 12 years, Seow reflects on their journey from humble beginnings to their current positions within his business

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The prize of loyalty

Starting with a modest salary of RM900 per month, the brothers now earn RM5,000 monthly. Seow’s investment in their well-being goes beyond financial compensation; he has provided them with housing and transportation, significantly improving their quality of life.

“They were just 16 when they joined my team. I even got them a house and a car. Now, one of them’s got a family with two kids. I turned their lives around, helping them out of poverty.”

“I thank them for their loyalty over these 12 years. They might not earn a lot, but they’re still making it work. Best of luck to them!”

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Looking at the comment section, many were moved and impressed by Sunny’s kind gestures.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via Fb/Sunny Seow

One commented: “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business. Many bosses only care about themselves and don’t understand this principle.”

Netizen comment
Screenshot via Fb/Sunny Seow

Another wrote: “Some bosses are of many types, but his type is just perfect.”

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