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Indian Minister Drinks ‘Holy Water’ From Polluted River To Prove Its Cleanliness, Sent To Hospital After


An Indian minister who wanted to prove the cleanliness of a holy river recently drank the ‘holy water’ directly from it and has reportedly been admitted to hospital.

According to The Indian Express, the politician was identified as Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwan Mann.

In a video shared by Indian professor Ashok Swain, Mann was seen taking a glass of ‘holy water’ from the river and drinking it down amid cheers from supporters.

It is understood that he was attending the 22nd anniversary of a cleaning river campaign on Sunday (17 July).

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NDTV also reported that the water that he drank came from Kali Bein, a river that is usually polluted with sewage waste from neighbouring towns and villages.

Admitted to hospital to seek medical help

The Indian daily also reported that he was admitted to Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospital with a stomach ache a few days after his action.

At the hospital, he was examined for stomach ache and was later diagnosed as infection. He was kept under observation in a private ward and remained stable.

His wife and sister accompanied him at the time of discharge.

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reportedly visited Mann in the hospital on Wednesday.

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Political party denies claim

However, Mann’s political party, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) denied the claim and chief said that he went to the hospital for a ‘routine checkup’ and was discharged later.

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