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Kelantan MP’s proposal of “holy water bath” treatment for COVID-19 sparks controversy

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BACHOK – On Monday (25 Jan), Kelantan MP Hilmi Abdullah, who is also the Deputy State Exco of the Kelantan state government and fellow nurse at the DarusSalam Islamic Medical Association Malaysia (DarusSalam), proposed using Islamic treatment as an alternative to treat COVID-19 patients in Malaysia.

“The Al-Quran is a miracle and can be a cure for the disease. In addition to using modern treatments, we can also try Islamic medical methods.”

Specifically, he suggested the use of antidotes based upon Rukyah verses and bidara water for COVID-19 treatment.

“With the permission and strict monitoring by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the selected COVID-19 patient will be given antidotes (along with the recitation of Rukyah verses) and bathe with bidara water.”

Kelantan mp's proposal of "holy water bath" treatment for covid-19 sparks controversy
COVID-19 Low-Risk Patient Quarantine & Treatment Centre (Image via PMO Malaysia)

He also further proposed that studies can be conducted to assess the response level among patients and indicated that nurses from DarusSalam are ready to work with the MOH and scientists according to the standard operating procedures (SOP) outlined by the government, as reported by Sinar Harian.

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Hilmi reiterated that this method may not help much in curbing the spread of Covid-19, but insisted that it is not wrong to try as the combination of Islamic and modern medicine may treat an incurable disease.

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Hilmi’s proposal has caused an uproar online, with some asking him and his kinsfolk to start the treatment first.

Others questioned the legitimacy of the so-called “Islamic method”.

Some even sarcastically ‘congratulated’ PAS for potentially winning a Nobel prize.

Kelantan mp's proposal of "holy water bath" treatment for covid-19 sparks controversy
Kelantan mp's proposal of "holy water bath" treatment for covid-19 sparks controversy
DarusSalam Islamic Medical Center (Image via Pusat Rawatan Islam DarusSalam – Cawangan Johor)

The DarusSalam Islamic Medical Center was founded by the late Datuk Ismail Kamus and has several branches of treatment centers throughout the country, namely in Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Johor, Negeri Sembilan.

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