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“Husbands Allowed To Drink Their Wife’s Breast Milk And It’s Not Haram”, Says Ustaz

He said that this is because the husband is the 'tuan' (master) of his wife's breast milk.

Husbands who wish to drink their wife’s breast milk are allowed to do so under Islam, said celebrity preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus, as reported by Kosmo!.

He said that this is because the husband is the ‘tuan’ (master) of his wife’s breast milk and does not need to seek permission if he wants to drink it.

Her milk, his property

Azhar added that if the wife wants to breastfeed someone else’s baby, she will need to get her husband’s approval beforehand.

This is because the milk belongs to him while she is only the owner of the pouch containing the milk.

He also said that unmarried women do not have breast milk as they do not have a ‘master’.

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“Virgins need to get married in order to have breast milk and a ‘master’, which is their husband.

“So if the ‘master’ wants to drink her breast milk, it’s not an issue and he is free to decide how he wants to drink it,” he said.

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At the comment section, many also shared their opinion about the news.

“I don’t have wife now, so can I drink dutch lady milk now.”

“Ohh ok noted.”

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“Make formula milk.”

“Alamak… it’s been so long I drink milk.

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Source: Kosmo!

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