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Seputeh MP shares post of ustaz urging M’sians not to eat nasi lemak, alleging that it is ‘the symbol of a Jewish conspiracy’

Guess sandwiches is out of the question too.

Our national food nasi lemak has now become a topic of controversy not because of its ingredients but its shape.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok recently shared a screenshot of a Facebook post from Ustaz Harun Jalil which allegedly told Malaysians not to consume nasi lemak in the future.

All part of a conspiracy?

In the post, the preacher wrote that people tend to be unaware of their surroundings in their daily lives.

Let us sit together and evaluate the surroundings around us again. Who actually belongs to the triangular shape of nasi lemak? Think about it!

Photo: Facebook

The post also came with a side-by-side comparison of the triangular shape of nasi lemak and the symbol of the highly secretive society Illuminati, suggesting that the two share more similarities than most people think.

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Photo: The Guardian

The post by Kok also came with a caption advising Malaysians to stay away from nasi lemak in order to keep their faith pure.

The nasi lemak packaging resembles the Illuminati symbol of the Jewish conspiracy to corrupt the faith of the people.

However, WeirdKaya was unable to retrieve the original post or Ustaz Harun Jalil’s Facebook profile and we will update this article accordingly when we’re able to do so.

Screengrab via Fb/Teresa Kok

‘Don’t you understand sarcasm, YB?’

The post has since received over 700 likes at the time of writing, with many scoffing at the idea that nasi lemak had ties to a Jewish conspiracy.

One jokingly wrote, “Underwear also triangular…” So, no more inner wear for us?

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Nasi lemak conspiracy 02

Another wrote, “Coming soon…rectangular nasi lemak!”

Nasi lemak conspiracy 04

Others also took the opportunity to mock Kok’s seemingly naivety, saying that the post was actually a sarcastic joke made years ago.

Nasi lemak conspiracy 01
Nasi lemak conspiracy 02
Nasi lemak conspiracy 04

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Cover Images via Facebook and The Guardian

Editor: Sarah Yeoh