Here Are The Top 8 Tips On How To Pick the Best Durian, According To A Durian Expert

Durian secrets revealed!

Known as the “king of fruits,” durian has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts around the world. Its unique aroma, unforgettable taste, and velvety goodness make it a sought-after delicacy.

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But before you start exploring the world of durians, it’s important to know how to choose the very best ones.

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Fear not! We’ve got some awesome tips from durian expert SZ Abdullah, shared on the Masak Apa Hari Ini Facebook group, to help you make the right choices and avoid disappointing durian experiences.

8 tips to choose the perfect durian

1. Go for the round ones

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2 durians side by side: round looking durian vs oblong looking durian
Photo via Facebook/SZ Abdullah

Durian aficionados agree that round durians have more flesh compared to their oblong counterparts. If you’re craving that irresistible sweet and creamy delight, keep an eye out for the round ones.

2. Consider weight

Durians side by side; 3kg vs 2. 5kg
Photo via Facebook/SZ Abdullah

Here’s a secret: heavier durians have larger seeds and less flesh. For a more substantial filling, choose lighter durians of similar size. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

3. Examine the stalk

Durian's stalks
Photo via Facebook/SZ Abdullah

Pay attention to the durian’s stalk. Short and thick stalks are indicators of a rich and abundant filling. And don’t forget to check that the stalk isn’t overly dry—this signifies a fresh and flavorful fruit.

4. Give It a shake

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2 mans observing durian attentively
Photo via mStar

Put your durian-detective skills to work! Gently shake the fruit and listen closely. A vibrating sound suggests that the durian is ripe and dry. Conversely, a softer and moister flesh will stick to the skin, resulting in a less audible sound. Vibrations are your cue to pick!

5. Trust your nose

Man smelling the durian he holds
Photo via mStar

A ripe durian emits a delightful, sweet fragrance with a hint of bitterness. Let your sense of smell guide you to the perfect durian. The ‘heavenly’ scent is a sure sign of quality.

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6. Mind the thorns

Durian and its flesh
Photo via 10Best

Avoid durians with long and densely packed thorns—they won’t offer the best experience. Instead, opt for durians with short, large spines, as they often boast the most flavorful fillings.

7. Peek inside

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Durian with splits on top.
Photo via Facebook/SZ Abdullah

Remember, don’t judge a durian by its cover. Look for durians that have been cut in half. Examine the bottom of the fruit and count the splits. Typically, you’ll find around five to six splits. Aim for the ones with five halves—they’re more likely to contain an abundance of luscious filling.

8. Avoid rainy season purchases

2 sellers holding durians
Photo via Geng Borak

During the rainy season, durian fruits often fall prematurely, before they fully ripen. Dishonest sellers may still try to sell these underripe fruits. To savor the finest durians, it’s best to avoid purchasing during the rainy season and wait for the prime durian harvest.

Armed with these insider tips, you’ll become a true durian connoisseur, enjoying the most delicious and satisfying durian experiences. Happy hunting and indulging!


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