Help wanted! Netizens rally together to locate and extend help for 68-year-old ‘atuk’ Grab rider

Be sure to help him out if you ever see him!

PETALING JAYA – With the country’s economy making a slow comeback, many are beginning to return to their working routine. However, the elderly have been hit hard by the pandemic, where many have drained their hard-earned savings to survive.

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A recent TikTok video tugged at the heartstrings of netizens where @danielashraf1370 showed a 68-year-old man working as a delivery rider despite his age and frailty.

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68-year-old atuk grab driver
Screenshot via: TikTok

According to him, the ‘atuk’ had taken the job two months ago and previously worked as a lorry driver.

However, what saddened netizens the most was when he sidled away with a slight limp.

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Atuk walking away with a limp
Screenshot via: TikTok

Finding ‘atuk’

The video has since garnered 512.7k views, with many expressing their sympathy and eagerness to help the ‘atuk’.

Many wanted to know more about the old man and his whereabouts so that they could extend help to him. One netizen also suggested launching a donation drive for him.

Netizens looking for atuk
Kind hearted netizens wanting to help atuk

Another claimed that he usually fills petrol at a Petronas petrol station in Sri Hartamas.

Atuk location

In response to the queries, @danielashraf1370 said that the ‘atuk’ normally does his delivery rounds in Damansara and urged those who crossed paths with him to give an extra tip.

He also promised to get the old man’s contact number if they meet again.

Help wanted! Netizens rally together to locate and extend help for 68-year-old 'atuk' grab rider | weirdkaya

We hope that ‘atuk’ continues to stay healthy and well while delivering orders! #respect

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