[VIDEO] Fearless fireman captures huge snake with his bare hands

Sssssnake alive!

Snakes are without a doubt the creepiest creature known to humans, where its beady eyes and forked tongue is enough to send chills down our spine.

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Nevertheless, this fireman showed absolutely no qualms in grabbing one with his own hands in a now-viral video on Facebook.

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Fearless fireman captures huge snake with his bare hands
Screenshot via Facebook

A group of firefighters were dispatched to a home after a snake was reported to have slithered its way into the premises due to the rainy season.

After successfully cornering the reptile into a corner, the fireman took a short while to contemplate on his next step of action as the snake stared right into him.

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Suddenly, he caught the snake’s head in a flash while his partner grabbed its body before the reptile realised what had transpired.

The video left many netizens in awe over the fireman’s courage, with many praising him for his quick thinking and execution.

The location and time of the incident however, were not specified in the post.

You can watch the video here:

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We are hiring writers!