Ex-Homeless M’sian Man Uses First Salary To Buy Durians For Soup Kitchen That Assisted Him Last Year

A form of gratitude.

Just over a year ago, Mr. Lee was struggling to survive on the streets, his life limited by a lack of resources and opportunities.

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Today, he stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, largely due to the concerted efforts of the Kechar Soup Kitchen(KSK) and its warmhearted donors and volunteers.

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Ksk society
Photo via IG/@kecharasoupkitchensociety

Ex-homeless man gives back

Mr. Lee, an ex-client of the KSK Society, experienced homelessness before finding solace in the daily hot meals the organization provides to those in need. His journey with KSK Society was marked by transformative milestones including obtaining a new identification card, securing employment, renting a room, and successfully reconstructing his life.

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Ksk society giving back to society
KSK Society. Photo via IG/@kecharasoupkitchensociety

According to KSK Society, Mr. Lee was able to rebuild his life piece by piece, gradually moving from the shadows of homelessness into the light of stability.

Upon receiving his first paycheck, Mr. Lee chose to express his gratitude to the KSK Society in a heartfelt gesture.

He gifted the team two packets of orange juice, a humble token symbolizing his initial step towards recovery and independence.

Return with Musang King durian

Most recently, he returned with a Musang King durian – a premium fruit considered a luxurious treat in many parts of Asia. This gift was more than just a piece of fruit; it was a testament to his journey, symbolizing his progress from a life of hardship to one of stability and self-sustainability.

Homeless man mr lee uses first salary to give back to ksk society
Photo via IG/@kecharasoupkitchensociety

The KSK Society expressed their happiness for Mr. Lee’s achievement, underlining the power of community support and how it can foster positive change.

“We are so happy that Mr Lee is now living a life of self-worth and self-dignity. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who have been a part of KSK Society to have enabled this,”it wrote.

Mr. Lee’s story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the impact a helping hand can have on the lives of those less fortunate.

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