E-hailing driver accidentally plunges his car into KL condo swimming pool due to poor visibility

Oooohh...I'm blinded by the rain.

KUALA LUMPUR – Driving during heavy rains is a rather dangerous experience for many, especially new drivers who may not be familiar with the route and struggle to see clearly.

Recently, a Facebook post showing how an e-hailing driver accidentally drove his car right into a KL condo swimming pool has gone viral online.

Man drives his car into kl condo swimming pool due to poor visibility 1

In the post, a netizen wrote that the driver was unfamiliar with the area and couldn’t see what was ahead of him as it was raining heavily at the time.

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Man drives his car into kl condo swimming pool due to poor visibility2

It is believed that the incident took place at a condominium located at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

Man drives his car into kl condo swimming pool due to poor visibility3

Several netizens also posted a video of residents working together to heave the car out of the swimming pool in the comment section.

Thankfully, the driver was safely evacuated from the vehicle and suffered no injuries.

One time too many

Residents of the KL condo also told China Press that this wasn’t the first time such mishaps had taken place at the same spot.

There are a few parking spots beside the swimming pool, hence the driver might mistakenly assume that [the swimming pool] is also one of it.

They also urged the management to look into the issue and erect a fence to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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Cover Images via Facebook

Editor: Sarah Yeoh