[VIDEO] Delivery rider gets ‘rewarded’ for beating red light with nasty collision

Break the rules, pay the price.
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We all know that running the red light potentially puts one’s life at risk, but some still shrug it off anyway.

A delivery rider learnt his lesson the hard way when he was knocked down by an oncoming car after beating the red light.

In a one-and-a-half minute dashcam video, the delivery rider was caught revving on despite the red light and regretted it instantly as a car crashes into him, leaving onlookers in stunned silence.

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The time and location of the accident remain unknown at the time of writing.

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Padan muka!

Netizens were largely unsympathetic to the rider, with one even suggesting that such delivery riders be suspended from their jobs for one week as a deterrent.

Riders running red light with the excuse of chasing time
Screenshot via Facebook/ Dashcam Owners Malaysia

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Another wrote that the rider fully deserved to be knocked down as he failed to abide by the traffic rules.

Screenshot via Facebook/ Dashcam Owners Malaysia

Rules were created for a reason, y’all! Drive safe and always follow the traffic rules to protect yourself and others!

Cover Images via Facebook/ Dashcam Owners Malaysia

Editor: Sarah Yeoh