Comedians’ low budget ‘Squid Game’ cosplay leaves netizens in stitches


The Korean survival drama ‘Squid Game‘ is well on track to become the most popular show on Netflix, thank to its riveting plot and characters featured in the series.

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Recently, photos of a group of comedians producing a low-budget parody version of the show has gone viral on Facebook, raking in more than 42,000 shares.

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The video, produced by blogger KenToy Official, shows a low budget version of the recruitment process as well as the infamous ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game.

However, the video didn’t break the charts until photos of the filming process taken Haring Maniniyot were released online.

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Money no enough

In one of the photos, a person is seen dressed in a red jumpsuit and a mask made out of black manila paper with a white ‘O’ drawn on it.

Apart from the costume, the mode of transporting ‘participants’ was rather questionable too.

In the show, participants are drugged and bundled into a van. In this low budget Squid Game, the ‘victim’ stays awake throughout. He is even placed on a wooden plank at the back of a motorcycle.

It is also speculated that the ‘victim’ fell several times during the ride. As there are photos of the ‘kidnapper’ helping him up. #Donttrythisathome

‘What is this, a crossover?’

Despite the ridiculousness, netizens were left wheezing over the hilarious reenactment.

One netizen quipped that it was a crossover of ‘Money Heist’ and ‘Squid Game’, while another said that the show was delivered with Foodpanda, along with a ‘minimum order’.

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Comedians' low budget 'squid game' cosplay leaves netizens in stitches | weirdkaya

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Author: Anna Wong
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