Drunk man joins ‘missing person’ search party. Turns out it was him all along

Pretty sure this ain't how Hide & Seek works.

TURKEY – We’ve all heard and had our fair share of drunk experiences, from throwing up on a complete stranger to dancing on tabletops.

However, have you been so wasted to the point where you joined a search party to find yourself?

A Turkish man was so intoxicated that he accidentally joined a search party, only to realise hours later that he was the target of the rescue mission.

According to local reports, Beyhan Mutlu, 50, went missing on Tuesday (Sept 28) after wandering away into the forest.

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Worried over his wellbeing, Mutlu’s friends alerted the authorities and embarked on a search and rescue mission to find him.

News of his disappearance eventually spread throughout the neighborhood and efforts to locate him intensified, with a large group of volunteers joining in.

Drunk man joins 'missing person' search party. Turns out it was him all along | weirdkaya
Police dispatched to search for Mutlu.
Image via: NTV

As the search party called out Mutlu’s name for hours, a man suddenly spoke up and reportedly said:

Who are we looking for? I am here!”

It remains unclear how Mutlu ended up in his own search party and how his friends failed to detect his presence the entire time. Police later safely escorted him back home.

Do you have a similar story like Mutlu? Let us know! (Don’t worry, we won’t judge ????)

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Cover via: NTV

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