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67yo Cleaner Who Worked At S’porean Company For 10 Years Receives Rolex Watch As A Gift

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A renowned restaurant chain based in Singapore recently made headlines when it generously rewarded its long-serving employees with Rolex watches at its annual dinner and dance on 6 March this year.

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S’pore company gifts 98 Rolex watches

This extraordinary gesture from the Singapore company named Paradise Group extended to all employees, regardless of their ranks within the organization.

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An impressive total of 98 Rolex watches, each estimated at a value of around RM34,513(S$10,000), were distributed during the night’s festivities. Among the lucky recipients was cleaner Tan Ai Tee, a dedicated worker who has been with the group for the past decade.

67yo cleaner rolex watch paradise group

At 67 years old, Tan had never before owned a Rolex watch.

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This unprecedented surprise was especially poignant for her.

In a statement to The Straits Times (ST), she expressed her joy and appreciation for the unexpected recognition.

“I felt very happy and touched that the bosses and company recognised me for my work here. I did not expect that as a part-timer, I can get a Rolex watch,” she conveyed to the English daily, highlighting the inclusive culture that the Paradise Group champions.

Plans to gift the Rolex watch to her daughter

Tan, whose 76-year-old husband is now retired, is a proud mother of three and a grandmother to three as well.

67yo cleaner who worked at s'porean company for 10 years receives rolex watch as a gift 1
Photo: The Straits Time

With her newly-acquired luxury watch in hand, she already has plans to leave this priceless token to her daughter.

For the time being, Tan safeguards her Rolex with other treasures she has accumulated over her decade of service at Paradise Group.

Among these is a 2.5g Suisse gold bar, a gift from the company recognizing her five years of service, and a 5g gold bar to celebrate her eight-year milestone.

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67yo cleaner who worked at s'porean company for 10 years receives rolex watch as a gift 2
Photo: The Straits Time

Sees no reasons not to continue working

Despite her age, she expressed that as long as she remains healthy enough, she sees no reason not to continue working.

She also said that she enjoys waking up early and staying active, believing that ceasing work might make her more prone to falling ill.

Furthermore, she feels a strong sense of appreciation from her bosses, which solidifies her intention to persist as long as possible.

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This spirit of giving back to employees resonates across the industry, with Paradise Group and others leading the way in recognizing the contribution of their workforce, illustrating that all positions, even part-time roles, are integral to their success.

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