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China’s Taobao now sells our ‘P’ license sticker and the Chinese are buying it like hot cakes

Hunting for Christmas gifts for your Chinese friends? Here's your answer.

In Malaysia, new drivers are required by law to display the ‘P’ license sticker on the top left corner of their front and rear windscreen to notify other drivers that they are undergoing a two-year probationary period.

And now, it seems like this unassuming sticker is the latest rage on Taobao, the largest e-commerce platform in China.

‘P’ License stickers on Weibo

The sale of ‘P’ license stickers was first discovered by Malaysian netizen Takashi Kaneshiro, who revealed its popularity in a Facebook post.

A further check by WeirdKaya showed that there are currently more than three Taobao outlets selling the ‘P’ license sticker, where each piece is priced at RM18.93.

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China’s Taobao website selling Malaysia P License sticker.

One outlet has sold more than 200 pieces and accumulated 200 good reviews so far. That’s more than a 100% approval rate!

‘Great quality!’

In the review section, many shared that the sticker was ‘nice looking’ and had great quality.

One user said that it was the perfect match with his car.

Japan = Malaysia?

From the pictures, the stickers are all labelled as ‘JDM stickers’ (Japanese Domestic Model), indicating that it originated from Japan.

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However, if you were to take a closer look, it’s the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) logo instead.

Who would’ve thought that our license stickers would be such a hit in China?

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