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‘Berry Christmas’ – We Asked Viral Bakery To Write ‘Merry Christmas’ On Our Cake, Here’s What They Did

A different Christmas.

A storm of controversy has erupted on social media surrounding a renowned bakery chain in Malaysia.

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The center of the issue is an internal memo, leaked and now viral, that barred employees from inscribing “Merry Christmas” or “X’Mas” on cakes.

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Dated December 14, 2023, the memo clearly stated that for the upcoming Christmas Festival Celebration, such messages were strictly prohibited.

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Instead, the bakery suggested using a “Season’s greeting” card topper for cakes. This directive quickly drew sharp criticism online, with many accusing the bakery of discriminatory practices.

However, JAKIM, the authority overseeing the Malaysian Halal Certification (SPHM), clarified that there were no restrictions against holders of this certification from writing celebratory messages on cakes.

Can you write ‘Merry Christmas’ on our cake?

In a curious twist, WeirdKaya decided to test the bakery’s policy firsthand.

'berry christmas' - we asked viral bakery to write 'merry christmas' on our cake, here's what they did | weirdkaya
Photo by WeirdKaya.

Today (21 Dec), the team visited the bakery and requested a “Merry Christmas” message on a Chocolate Walnut cake.

Merry christmas berry's cake 02
Photo by WeirdKaya.

To our surprise, the staff not only agreed but also offered candles for the cake. The cake was delivered with a neatly written “Merry Christmas” greeting.

Merry christmas berry's cake 03
Photo by WeirdKaya.

Following the incident, the bakery also posted a statement in the shop, apologizing for the confusion.

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They admitted to misinterpreting the requirements of their Halal certification. The statement clarified, “Following clarification from the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs), there are no restrictions on Halal certificate holders writing celebratory festive greetings on cakes.”

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused to al our valued customers. We are most happy to take orders with celebratory festive greetings,” it said in a statement seen by WeirdKaya.

Berry issues apology over merry christmas incident
Berry’s apology statement. Photo by WeirdKaya.
@weirdkayamy So we tried if its okay to write Merry Christmas on a cake at the viral bakery ☃️ #merrychristmas #berryscake #berrys ♬ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – neozilla

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