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Abby Choi’s In-Laws May Be Handed With Just A Fine Over Murder If Her Remaining Body Parts Stay Missing

As of now, Abby's torso and hands are still missing.

The suspect of the Hong Kong Model Abby Choi murder case may be handed with just a fine if her remaining body parts are not found.

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Abby Choi’s in-laws may walk away with just fine

As reported by Taiwanese news outlet NextApple, if the missing body parts are not recovered and the suspects enter a plea of NOT guilty, they could potentially avoid a harsh sentence for murder and instead face a mere fine for manslaughter.

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Abby choi murder case father-in-laws
Photo: IG/Abby Choi

Due to Hong Kong’s abolition of the death penalty in 1993, many believe that the suspects, if proven guilty, will receive a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Abby choi murder case father-in-laws 3
Photo: IG/Abby Choi

However, if the remaining body parts of Choi are not found, the culprits could face charges of manslaughter, which carries a significantly lighter punishment, such as a fine.

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Went to great lengths to dismember Choi

As of press time, the Hong Kong police have found parts of Choi’s body, including her head, ribs, and some limbs, but her torso and hands are still missing.

It also also reported that the culprits went to great lengths to dismember and cook Choi’s body, which could be related to Hong Kong’s legal system.

Abby choi's father-in-law
Abby Choi’s father-in-law. Photo: Internet

One of the main suspects, Choi’s ex-father-in-law, was a former police officer and likely has a thorough understanding of the city’s criminal justice system.

The fact that the culprits dismembered and abandoned the body could potentially impede the investigation.

According to Taiwanese forensic expert Kao Da Cheng, DNA can be quickly destroyed under high temperatures.

“If the victim cannot be identified, how can the killer be identified?” he said.

He further refuted the claim that Abby was cooked to be consumed.

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To appear in court on 8 May

Currently, Abby Choi’s ex-husband and his family are facing murder charges, while his mother is accused of obstructing justice. All four of them are currently in custody and will appear in court on 8 May.

Hong Kong abolished the death penalty in 1993, but there have been several gruesome dismemberment cases since then.

Many people are outraged and calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty over Choi’s case.

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