32yo M’sian Man Reunites With Mother In Thailand After 27 Years With The Help Of Social Media 

Heartwarming reunion.

After 27 years of separation, 32-year-old Saufi Marwan Muhammad Hariri from Kodiang finally reunited with his long-lost mother in Satun, Thailand.

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Saufi had never forgotten about his mother, and his father’s passing in 2021 prompted him to embark on a journey to track down his biological mother.

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“For 27 years, I lived with a feeling of anger, thinking that my mother had abandoned me. But when my father passed away, suddenly a deep longing for my mother arose,” Saufi shared with Kosmo! emotionally.

Supported by his wife, Najla Zakaria, Saufi initiated the search for his mother, whose whereabouts were only known to be in Satun.

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Through the power of social media, the couple’s efforts paid off when they finally located Saufi’s mother, Che An Asri, in April 2022, just a day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

32yo m'sian man reunites with mother in thailand after 27 years with the help of social media  | weirdkaya
Photo via Kosmo!

The heartwarming reunion between Saufi Marwan and Che An Asri recently gained attention on various social media platforms.

Saufi a teacher, revealed that it took him only three days to trace his mother’s location in Kampung Bannangpulau, Satun, with the assistance of a Facebook user named Natrah.

“If we are sincere, Allah will make everything easier. I made a post on Facebook on April 1, 2022, and a woman named Natrah contacted me, informing me that she knew my mother in Satun.

Three days later, I obtained my mother’s phone number and immediately contacted her,” Saufi shared, emphasizing the role social media played in reuniting them.

Meeting his mother opened Saufi’s eyes to the truth of their separation.

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“My mother had tried to come and meet me three times before but failed. I feel extremely guilty because all this time, I assumed she had abandoned me,” he confessed remorsefully.

Saufi’s joy multiplied as he discovered that, along with his mother, he also gained four more siblings who resided with her in Satun.

“My life is no longer empty; I have a mother and siblings. Now, I call my mother every day and talk to her. My only hope now is to take care of my mother,” Saufi expressed with gratitude.

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