24yo M’sian Learns Video Editing All By Herself During MCO, Now Earns RM20k A Month

All roads lead to Rome.

A 24-year-old Malaysian recently shared her journey of becoming a video producer and earning up to RM20k a month has gone viral on the internet.

Taking to her Instagram account @malaysianpaygap to share her story, the Sabahan girl shared that she came from a lower-class family and couldn’t afford to continue her studies; hence she went straight to work as a cabin crew.

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However, she decided to quit the job due to the pros and cons.

Started learning video editing during MCO

She then continued to share that she started learning video editing during MCO as she was stuck at home.

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“After one year, I made more than I ever thought possible. It really changed my mindset around money.

I started learning in January 2021, downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro and learned everything I know from YouTube. [It was a] very high learning curve, it takes time, but YouTube has everything you need to know.

At first, she built relationships with people in online marketing groups on Facebook and started working with more people and connections.

She shared that she doesn’t have to look for clients as her clients ‘will look for her’.

The good still outweighs the bad

Moving forward, the 24-year-old girl also listed out the pros and cons of working in the video industry:

  • Able to work-from-home
  • Unlimited time off
  • Get paid in USD
  • You are your own boss
  • Great for introverts
  • Working more hours make more money


  • No EPF, SOCSO, or health insurance
  • Work following US times which is from 9:30 am to 5:30 am.
  • No paid leave

To conclude, she shared that the pros still outweigh the cons, and she can now build her own savings account.

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“Many opportunities for others to join. They just have to know where to look,” she added.

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24yo m'sian learns video editing all by herself during mco, now earns rm20k a month | weirdkaya
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