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Zahid: TikTokers Among The Main Factors That Helped BN Win Tioman Election


Deputy Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional Chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pointed out that one of the main reasons why BN won the Tioman state election is mainly because of the TikTokers who are committed to helping the country.

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TikTokers contributed in the state election

BN has succeeded in winning the Tioman state seat and one of the main factors is the contribution of TikTokers who worked hard to help with the Barisan Nasional campaign.”

Although the majority of votes is not significant, but the joint efforts including Pakatan Harapan, so that BN will continue to provide services to Tioman under the spirit of a unity government.

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This is for the stability and prosperity of Pahang. Thank you and congratulations to everyone.”

Johari was able to retain his seat with a razor-thin majority of 573 votes, where he edged out PN’s Nor Idayu Hashim who had 7,507 votes. 

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Wan Rosdy, who is also Pahang Menteri Besar, added that the win also showed that the people were able to see the reasoning behind the party’s decision to form the state government with PH.

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