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‘You are my eyes’ Dream team of Xu DongLin and Liu CuiQing set new Paralympic record

The sport that takes two

TOKYO – Chinese runner Liu CuiQing defended her gold medal alongside her guide Xu DongLin in the Paralympics 400m T11 (Women) event with a new record of 56.25s, nine seconds behind the Olympics record.

In a post-match interview, Liu thanked Xu for her achievements throughout her career.

'you are my eyes' dream team of xu donglin and liu cuiqing set new paralympic record | weirdkaya
Photos from Sina

What’s with the “T”?

Track sport classes are represented by the letter “T”, followed by a two-digit number that indicates the type of impairment.

T11 indicates total visual impairment, where athletes compete with a guide runner who provides them visual orientation.

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During the run, guide runners hold on to a short tether that’s tied around the athlete’s fingers and use verbal communications or gestures to lead him/her to the finish line.

In short, guide runners act as the athlete’s ‘eyes’ and ensure that he/she safely completes the run.

China’s dream team

Liu and Xu have been running together since 2013 and won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

'you are my eyes' dream team of xu donglin and liu cuiqing set new paralympic record | weirdkaya
Photos from Sina

Liu told South China Morning Post that she has enjoyed a strong partnership with Xu and said that she couldn’t have completed the run without his guidance.

He is my eyes. He shows me the way in the darkness.


It Takes Two

Xu was a runner himself before suffering an injury in January 2011. By March, he had decided to continue running as a guide runner and became Liu’s partner in 2013.

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Xu told ChinaTimes that the chemistry is vital between the athlete and guide runner because the only communication method during the competition was a small rope.

The placement, pressure and direction of the rope is the guide runner’s cue for curves on the track or alert before the finish line. There is also tremendous coordination required between the two people.

Xudonglin and liucuiqing training together
Snapshot from South China Morning Post

Joint Injury Regardless

The 31-year old guide runner struggled with a joint injury since the last Paralympics. He underwent a knee surgery in August 2020.

Xudonglin run through pain to guide partner
Snapshot from South China Morning Post

Runner Liu CuiQing also underwent surgery for an injury at her Ischial tuberosity, the curved bone that makes up the bottom of the pelvis.

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Therefore, the duo did not have much expectation for Tokyo Paralympics. To their surprise, they not only defended their gold medal but also broke their own record.

Guide Runner as a Career

Xu also told ChinaTimes that a guide runner is not just “eyes” for the athlete, but a guide for confidence and support.

Xudonglin and liucuiqing won gold medal at tokyo 2020 paralympics
Photo from Sohu

Guiding her to the finish line is my mission.

Xu DongLin told Chinatimes.net

He doesn’t see himself as the hero behind the scenes because without Liu, he probably wouldn’t have been on the Olympic stage.

At the end of the interview, Xu said that he hopes to promote para sports and help more para-athlete like Liu in fulfilling their sport dream and self-value.

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