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What’s The Best Hotel In KL? – Here’s The Hotel Review That You Are Looking For

The perfect hotel for your next staycation.
I’ve been on the hunt for the best hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and after checking out a bunch of hotels and experiencing what they have to offer, it’s time to find out if I’ve found the one that stands out above the rest.

Let’s dive into the details and see if I’ve discovered KL’s best hotel.

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Recently, I couldn’t resist the buzz surrounding Sofitel Kuala Lumpur, especially after my friends raved about it following the KLFW. So, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and headed over there myself.

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The suite of your dreams

Let me tell you, it turned out to be one of the most memorable stays I’ve ever experienced. I decided to go all out and booked the junior suite, which was surprisingly reasonable at RM785 for the night, including the extra bed.

Junior suite bed in sofitel kuala lumpur
Photo by WeirdKaya

As soon as I stepped inside, I was absolutely floored. The ambiance, the bedroom, the breathtaking view, and the bathroom – everything was just perfect.

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Bathtub in sofitel kuala lumpur with free towels and candles
Photo by WeirdKaya

To be completely honest, I found myself spending nearly half of my day indulging in the bathtub, which was exactly what I needed after a tiring day of traveling.

As a perfectionist and a discerning critic, I couldn’t help but scrutinize every detail, but I can assure you, there was not a single flaw to be found.

Coffee machine with free refillersv
Photo by WeirdKaya

The room service was equally impeccable, with everything meticulously clean and the attention to detail, right down to the precision in changing the coffee capsules and refilling, was truly remarkable.

Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like they had an eye for even the smallest details.

Pool bar with different types of alcohol arranged on the pool bar table
Photo by WeirdKaya

Additionally, they generously offer complimentary drinks that you can enjoy either at their lobby bar or the pool bar. Always one to seek a little extra, I wanted to explore their pool bar.

Let me tell you, I was smitten. It might not be lavish, but the atmosphere was peaceful.

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Swimming pool at sofitel kuala lumpur
Photo by WeirdKaya

The pool and the gym seemed like what you’d expect from any other top-notch 5-star hotel, so I didn’t feel an urgent need to check them out. I preferred to make the most of my day by luxuriating in my suite instead.

Savoring flavors from around the world

We chose the Festive Dinner Buffet for our evening meal, and since it was a Saturday night, the price was approximately RM168+ per person.

However, I’d recommend considering a visit on a Sunday through Thursday, as the cost per person is only RM148+.

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Kwee zeen buffet restaurant at sofitel kuala lumpur
Photo by WeirdKaya

The buffet service begins at 6 pm and concludes at 10 pm. In my experience, even though the window of time might seem limited, you’ll find yourself completely satiated within two hours.

The buffet was hosted at Kwee Zeen, a culinary haven where a diverse array of cuisines converged. There was Western, Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian dishes that left me speechless.

Carved ice on display with different types of raw fishes and seafood
Photo by WeirdKaya

The moment I entered, my attention was immediately drawn to the massive carved ice sculpture. I was genuinely amazed because I had never before encountered such impressive ice sculpture in a buffet setting.

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Although the “Seafood on Ice” display was visually stunning with its assortment of mussels, prawns, oysters, scallops, crayfish, and slipper lobsters, I must admit that the chilled seafood didn’t particularly appeal to my taste.

Cooked steak on display at the buffet
Photo by WeirdKaya

Furthermore, they showcased an enormous smoked beef dish. While I don’t consume beef myself, I was genuinely impressed by the amount of effort that must have gone into preparing it. I can’t personally comment on the taste, but it certainly seemed to be the star of the night for many.

Video by WeirdKaya

As a devoted enthusiast of Chinese cuisine, I tried the chicken dish, and to my delight, it brought me right back to the flavors of Ipoh. The tender, succulent chicken with its perfectly balanced combination of savory and aromatic notes evoked a sense of nostalgia.

Salmon wellington and ratatouille
Photo by WeirdKaya

You’ve likely heard of the classic Beef Wellington, but here they had a delightful surprise in the form of Salmon Wellington, and let me tell you, it was a culinary revelation. The salmon, enveloped in flaky pastry, was incredibly delicious and tender, a testament to the chef’s skill.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of savoring Ratatouille, a dish I’d only witnessed in movies during my childhood. I was so excited to try it and the flavors lived up to the cinematic portrayal, making it a memorable part of my dining experience.

Video by WeirdKaya

As I approached the Indian cuisine section with a bit of reservation. It appeared that this section was less entertained by customers, which was understandable given the tempting seafood and other delectable options at my disposal.

Different types of cheese
Photo by WeirdKaya

The Chilli Gouda cheese was an absolute delight, and its exquisite flavor had everyone returning for second round. As for the Blue Cheese, I was hesitant, after my last encounter with it in the past.

Sometimes, certain cheeses can be an acquired taste, and it’s perfectly fine to stick with what you know and love.

One way to satisfy a sweet tooth

So many desserts in a buffet setting
Photo by WeirdKaya

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I laid them on the dessert platter – my jaw practically dropped! It was a sight to behold, an absolute masterpiece that left me salivating in anticipation.

The sheer variety, the colors, and the delectable array of cakes and sweets were nothing short of surprising and delightful. It was a dessert lover’s paradise, and I couldn’t wait to indulge in every sweet morsel.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and sampled each and every cake on the dessert platter. Among them, the coffee cake stood out as my absolute favorite, with its rich and robust flavor.

Desserts in a plate along with ais kacang
Photo by WeirdKaya

On the other hand, the green tea and lemon cakes didn’t quite hit the mark for me, because I lean towards a preference for chocolate. It’s worth noting that if you prefer zesty, tangy flavors in your desserts, the coffee cake might not be your top choice, but it certainly won me over with its bold coffee essence.

I couldn’t resist trying their vanilla ice cream paired with the chocolate fondue from their chocolate fountain. However, I must admit that I hated it as the chocolate flavor didn’t come through strongly with the ice cream.

Chocolate fountain with many different toppings
Photo by WeirdKaya

Nevertheless, I absolutely loved how the fondue coated the marshmallows, creating a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Just reminiscing about it has my taste buds yearning for that sweet treat once again!

Not your typical breakfast in bed

After a restful night’s sleep, and despite still feeling pleasantly full from the previous night’s feast, I found myself obliged to make my way to the breakfast buffet, considering it was included with my stay.

Video by WeirdKaya

I really enjoyed their egg station, where the chefs knew just how to whip up the perfect breakfast eggs.

German sausage in a buffet setting
Photo by WeirdKaya

I paired these delicious eggs with some German chicken sausage, and it was a simple yet satisfying morning meal.

Chicken and duck fillet
Photo by WeirdKaya

With all the protein I’d indulged in, my body was craving some fiber, so I had a refreshing salad that morning. I filled my plate with a mix of greens, along with some sliced chicken and duck, balancing out my breakfast with a healthy dose of nutrients.

Pastries and bread
Photo by WeirdKaya

I couldn’t resist the temptation of their pastries either; they were simply irresistible with their delectable fillings. In fact, I went all in and enjoyed not just one but three of their pain au chocolat. It was the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth during breakfast.

As my staycation came to an end right after that scrumptious breakfast, would I recommend Sofitel?

Absolutely, without a doubt. The reason is crystal clear – their service is simply outstanding, the ambiance is top-notch, the suites are luxurious, the food is delectable, and all of this at a reasonable price point.

If you’re ever on the lookout for that one perfect hotel, Sofitel undoubtedly stands out as the best choice in Kuala Lumpur.


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