[VIDEO] ‘Where’s the rope?’ Motorists left confused to see eagle dangling mid-air near MRT station

Kriss Angel, is that you?

PETALING JAYA – Road users near the Mutiara Damansara Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station were stunned to see a seemingly lifeless eagle “floating’ in the sky.

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Motorists left confused to see eagle dangling mid-air near mrt station
Image via FB/ Markson Lim

A 37-second video widely shared on Facebook showed the eagle dangling with its wings facing upwards and staying perfectly still, leaving bystanders to wonder how it was able to do so without a rope attached to it.

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Two firefighters were later seen standing on a fire engine and reaching for the eagle with a pole to save it while curious gathered around to watch, causing massive traffic jams.

Mystery solved!

Later, the Selangor Fire Department assured the public that the strange incident wasn’t caused by magical powers and said that the eagle was trapped on a kite string.

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“The incident had occurred last Friday (Nov 12) and the fire department was notified at around 6.28 pm before a team from the Damansara Fire and Rescue Station were dispatched to the location.

“The eagle was caught on a kite string but it later escaped and flew away,” said the Selangor Fire Department in a statement.

Cover Images via FB/ Markson Lim

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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