Victims Who Were Slapped By Setapak Road Rager Call For Legal Aid As They Didn’t Get Any Compensation

The perpetrator was fined RM4500.

In a distressing episode that recently unfolded in Setapak, a man, in an unprovoked act, physically assaulted a young student over a purported misunderstanding.

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The perpetrator was later fined RM4500 for deliberate destruction and intentional harm.

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The victim did not receive compensation

After the judicial proceedings, it was revealed that although the assailant was slapped with a fine, the actual victims of the aggression didn’t see a cent of it.

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The female victim, taking to social media, shared her distress about the lack of compensation.

Despite enduring physical harm and emotional trauma, they were left without any monetary support to manage the aftermath.

Victims who were slapped by setapak road rager call for legal aid as they didn’t get any compensation | weirdkaya
Image via FB/Yik Cheng

Didn’t face consequences for threatening

What’s more disturbing for the victims is the oversight of the threats made by the perpetrator.

The assailant wasn’t merely satisfied with the assault; he went on to verbally threaten the victims, promising more harm in any future encounters.

The victim’s post drew attention to this lapse, questioning why he was only charged with deliberate destruction and intentional harm, leaving out the menacing threats.

Previously, she has emphasized that the trauma of the incident has left them afraid to return to campus.

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Can’t afford a lawyer

Taking a legal route requires financial backing, and this is where the student-victim faces another hurdle.

She expressed her contemplation about pursuing civil litigation but highlighted the financial constraints they’re under.

Being typical university students, they are already burdened with academic pressures and part-time jobs that barely cover their tuition.

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This financial strain makes it daunting to pursue costly legal avenues.

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