Tokyo man dressed as the Joker goes on stabbing spree during Halloween, injuring 17

The stabbing has shocked many, where violent crime is rare in Japan.

The content below contains sexual harassment experiences that may be harmful or traumatizing for some.

A 24-year-old Japanese man dressed in a Joker outfit has been arrested for attempted murder after stabbing commuters onboard Tokyo’s Keio Line train and setting it on fire during Halloween (Oct 31).

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The train was en route to Shinjuku, where a majority of the commuters were heading for Halloween celebrations.

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Lit the train on fire after stabbing rampage

According to local media reports, the suspect was holding a kitchen knife and a plastic bottle as he wandered within the train.

Commuters flee out from windows
Screengrab from Twitter/@siz33

Bloomberg reported that he then sank his knife into the right chest of a passenger in his 70s before setting the train on fire with lighter liquid.

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Fireman arrives at the scene.
Screengrab from Twitter/@siz33

16 other people were also reported to have suffered minor injuries, including smoke inhalation.

Horrifying footage surfaces online

It took little time for chilling photos and videos of the incident to be uploaded on Twitter, horrifying many.

In one of the videos, passengers could be seen fleeing to the train cabin coupled with terrified screams in the background.

Some also tried escaping from the windows.

Authorities later showed up at the scene to put the situation under control.

‘I want the death penalty’

The Japan Metropolitan Police Department has since confirmed that they have arrested a 24-year-old the suspect.

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The suspect, identified as Kyota Hattori, was first sighted in a video calming smoking a cigarette prior to the stabbings while dressed as the antagonist from Batman.

Suspect in japan random killing
Screenshot from Twitter/@takahashi9811

Hattori also reportedly told police that he “wanted to kill people so that [he] would be sentenced to death”.

The attack has since shaken the relatively safe country, with government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno slamming the incident as “atrocious and brutal”.

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