TnG eWallet returns to the App Store after more than 3 days of “unpaid leave”

Anyone missed it?

Previously, we reported of Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s (TnG eWallet) unceremonious disappearance from the App Store where it was removed from the platform altogether.

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Read about it here:

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Now, it seems that the app has made a formal comeback today after more than three days, where it’s available for download on the App Store.

Tng ewallet
Photo via New Straits Times

While this is obviously good news for TnG eWallet users, there are still plenty of questions surrounding its abrupt disappearance from the App Store.

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While the company has yet to come forward with an official statement over the incident, some believe that TnG eWallet may have violated Apple’s Terms and Conditions with its NFC card or GOPinjam feature — a loan scheme in collaboration with CIMB Bank which has an interest rate of up of 36% per annum.

As we wait for an official response, let’s hope that the app is here to stay and will not run into any more problems!

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